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  1. For the graphic bug, I have the same. It's strange because the bug occurs only if a torrent is selected. If I unselect, the display comme back correctly...
  2. Same problem for me, crash on startup. I remove the uTorrent folder of %appdata%, but crash after a few seconds, with the message "memory allocation error" if I add a big torrent (4GiB or more).
  3. When µTorrent starts, It tries to open the Windows Firewall. But this attempt is always a failure : "[2009-04-24 11:59:10] Error opening Windows firewall: 0x80070005 Acces denied." because this action is limited to the accounts with admin rigths. Windows detects automaticaly that the application must have an acces to the firewall, and displays the popup of configuration, and preserves the settings. Why not remove this action since useless ?
  4. I use btpd 0.15 (but same problem with btpd 0.13) and µTorrent display that the client is "btpd/0.15|Øq%öc¤Ð>¾". If I use Transmission (Ubuntu), I have "BT Protocol Daemon 0.1". It perhaps a bug with btpd and not µTorrent, I don't know. A little question : I have btpd 0.15 in IPv6/IPv4 and µTorrent in IPv6/IPv4 and my network is full IPv6, but my tracker isn't IPv6. This is normal that the transfert use only IPv4 ? Why this two clients transfert in IPv4 and not in IPv6 ? Edit : If I add manually the IPv6 of the client with btpd, µTorrent use correctly the IPv6 to transfert. I have in the clients list, the IPv4 and the IPv6 of this client : [2001:41d0:1:fec4::1]:6881 I suppose that the problem is the tracker, it send only IPv4 and µTorrent don't know that this client is also IPv6.
  5. OK, I tried "no" when it asked install, and after it's correct. But it's not very understable, and I must create myself the shortcut. I don't tried remove all configuration's files before, and can't confirmed that the .lng are correctly copy to the AppData of the user account. For the update, an activation of the UAC when you tell "yes" would be a good idea, and next, restart µtorrent in user mode.
  6. Ok, but the installation must activated the UAC, and next, the installation completed correctly, doesn't it ? If I copy the utorrent.exe in "C:\Program files (x86)\uTorrent\", when I run it, it moves the exe to "C:\Users\Edtech\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\". No matter to fix it ? Why don't use an install like NSIS if it is a problem ?
  7. I use Vista x64 and the installation create the path to copy µtorrent "C:\Users\Edtech\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\" and not "C:\Program files (x86)\uTorrent\". With Windows XP, the path is correct. A x64 version is envisaged ? (with install path "C:\Program files\uTorrent\" ^^) The tracker's error isn't display in the log tab. I make my own tracker and it's no easy to debug without a correct error log. Thanks for you job
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