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  1. I think this is one of the most effective ways to destroy uTorrent. I will not install obvious adware. I do not trust or respect developers who produce adware. I've stuck with uT through the 'redesign', mostly because of that mountain of trust and respect built by the team years ago (but rapidly eroding ever since). I'll happily support financial models like donationware and commercial software, provided they're good values developed by seemingly good people (uT Plus certainly fails at least one of these). Just knowing that BitTorrent came to this conclusion is probably enough for me to move on, combined with the other red flags that we've all been trying to ignore for a while. Extremely disappointing.
  2. Some of these post are hilarious, some shameful. (I feel for ya mods.) Can't wait for 1.8 Final! Now why is my internet not working?