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  1. I followed the guide, where it says the files should be copied manually before changing the Download Location in uTorrent.
  2. Most torrents I migrated were 100% downloaded. I described two different things, to which are you referring: - trying to migrate a running torrent (99% downloaded) - migrating a stopped torrent ?
  3. 1.) Strange, this is not what I observed. 2.) It did not re-check. The operation was instant even for torrents several gigabytes large. (I did a manual Force re-check after migrating all torrents, just to be sure)
  4. Hi! I use uTorrent 3.3.1 build 30017 on Windows 8 Pro 64 bit. Today I installed a new hard drive and wanted to move/migrate all my torrent files (the content, downloaded files, not the .torrent files) to the new drive. I read the Migrating Your Files guide, specifically the last section "Moving files to another location after they have been loaded in µTorrent". After selecting a destination directory, a dialog appears: File move target D:\DL\the_file.rar already exists. Overwrite? [Yes] [No] [Cancel] (Cancel and No seem to do the same: nothing; Yes, updates the download location, without overwriting the file) This is confusing, since uTorrent has nothing to overwrite (the file is no more present in the original location). One might also guess that this means re-download and overwrite. In any case, overwriting is not what the user wants (and not what uTorrent actually does). For the sake of clarity, can the text of this dialog be changed? Or the dialog not being displayed at all? Additionally: While trying to figure this out I noticed, that if one simply selects a new download location, uTorrent will move/copy the file by itself. So the guide can be rewritten in a simpler form, like this: - Stop the torrent you wish to move in the torrent list in µTorrent. - right click > Advanced > Set Download Location ... - Browse to the location where you have moved the files. - Start the torrent again. Regards, David PS: Another possible bug: if the torrent is running and the user selects Advanced > Set Download Location ..., the file dialog appears and after selecting a destination folder, nothing happens, the old location stays in effect. I guess the menu should be disabled for running torrents.
  5. I guess you misunderstood. I don't want any of that stuff. Before I did not install it in %programsfiles% and now I don't want to install in %APPDATA%\uTorrent. I just want to run if from where it is (somewhere in My Documents/PirateStuff/ ). My question is: was this possibility removed? Changed? Anything?
  6. Was the "do not install" option removed? I always had utorrent.exe in some folder, without installation to Program Files, and just replace the exe file when a new version is available. Today I replaced it with v3.3.1 29812 and after starting it the setup wizard run and utorrent.exe it ended up in AppData/.... I uninstalled it and tried again. The (third or so) page in the setup says "Choose Install Location", but there is no location to choose. Just three options: - Create Start menu entry - Create Quick Launch icon * - Create Desktop icon * (does Quick Launch still exist in Windows 8? Or it means maybe "pin to task bar" ?) As mentioned, I use Windows 8 Pro, 64 bit.
  7. uTorrent claims my ports are open (green icon in status bar and green checkmark in the Setup Guide test), but trying to connect to the uTorrent TCP port from PCs on the same LAN fails. Also connecting from outside (for example thru these web pages : www.canyouseeme.org , porttest.net and some more also manually using netcat)
  8. No they don't. Otherwise half of programs would not work. Current when I log in there are two programs started and put an icon into systray. Inexperienced users have dozens of them. They never require AUC, as it would make the login process a nightmare. Again, how about checking your "facts" before posting them?
  9. I just changed the port in uTorrent, then did the test in the Setup Guide and it was successful. I also get green icon in the status bar and incoming connections on my torrents (flag I). I tested this on Windows 8 Pro 64 bit. An "enable firewall exception" dialog did appear (I only noticed this after the test, because it appeared under the uTorrent window), but I never clicked it during my test. After I canceled it.
  10. Oh, really? Then why do I get a UAC prompt (you read my other posts today)?
  11. After starting uTorrent, the menu access (alt key) does not work. The uTorrent windows has focus, but is seems the "subfocus" is on some strange part of it. If I click anywhere inside the window and the press alt-F, then it works. This is the last release (why isn't the build number in the about dialog copyable?). I'll copy from the first post: 29126 It was similar, but quite the same with 29082.
  12. What is the purpose of this new Add New Torrent dialog layout? The filenames (width/length) are now limited to half the dialog width, squeezed in the right half (well, third), while there is vast unused space on the left two thirds.
  13. http://www.utorrent.com/downloads says: µTorrent Stable (3.2 build 26850) This thread says: µTorrent 3.2 beta (26850) Is it beta or stable? Is 3.1.3 the latest stable version?
  14. Is it a beta or stable? A stable beta? (scratching head)
  15. I see something similar. I select a torrent (in the detailed view), then switch to a different item in the left pane tree (from "Downloading" to some label, for example). After the switch the tabs at the bottom show data from some other torrent. Even if the old torrent is still show as selected in the list.