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  1. I could have sworn I read up the thread that gui.show_welcome_node was supposed to do it, but it doesn't work for me. I'm still sifting through the overwhelming number of responses to this, but for now I'm going to use bt.graceful_shutdown -- assuming it works, of course.
  2. I started using 3.0 at the RC stage, but only saw this happening at the end, possibly with the first final build, and through the subsequent final builds: after actively using it for torrenting (not just running it and closing it), the utorrent.exe process sticks in memory indefinitely after closing the app. I remember this subject coming up now and again over the years, but I haven't found an active thread on it, so I thought I'd mention it here in case anyone has seen it recently. This is not a new install but rather a continuation of all the RC installs, the first of which was installed over 2.x, etc. Win7 x86.
  3. How sure are you about that (are you maybe thinking of 3.0 alpha/beta)? How do you reproduce it in 2.2.1? There's no way it was about deselecting files then, at least on Windows, since I do that all the time and never saw it before 3.0.
  4. Thanks for pointing that out, since I'm not sure that I would have realized the pattern. This is a major bug that will have to get fixed. It definitely wasn't in 2.x releases for me though.
  5. rafi, bear with me, I'm still struggling with this. For my percentages, I was talking about the % of my overall UL, whereas you were more properly talking about % overhead relative to DL. That aside, I can only increase UL so far so can only test this so much, but how do you explain my overhead raising commensurately with raising my UL limit? In the above example, I doubled UL to 100, my DL wasn't much affected, yet my overhead doubled as well. If I could raise it to 200, would it double again? If so, this is more than simple ACKs. In v2.00, didn't the "Up Speed" column for each torrent show a real UL value (assuming net.calc_overhead was set appropriately)? Just as v2.01 does? I realize v2.00 didn't have an overall overhead figure.
  6. I don't get it then. Since when is there more (or at least equal) overhead as compared to actual upload? I've done more testing now, and when dl'g is at its most active, around 1MB/s, overhead actually dwarfs ul (out of 50KB/s, overhead hangs at around 80-90%, leaving almost nothing for actual ul). If I increase to 100KB/s, overhead doesn't drop below about 80%. Remember that I don't even have uTP enabled. Rafi, above, expressed surprise that he saw a mere 35% overhead *with* it. It used to be that overhead was in the minority. In past threads, I've read of "5% ACK" back when we were discussing the effects of enabling/disabling net.calc_overhead. Now it's so much higher that DLs are obviously affected.
  7. Yes, I do. I was only dl'g at about .5 MB/s though. I know from past versions of uT and other dl'g, however, that overhead is nowhere near this high. .5MB/s wouldn't even equate to 10KB/s UL overhead before v2.01.
  8. With uTP disabled (Enable Bandwidth Management unchecked), I'm seeing 40-50% overhead, as reported on the status bar. That is, for example U [50kB] 25kB/s O: 22kB/s. How can this be? Overhead should be more on the order of 10%. Win7.
  9. Since bandwidth management is on by default, I'm assuming it's generally a good thing, but I'm still unsure when and why it should be disabled. As it's probably not appropriate for everyone, was this debated back in the beta thread somewhere?
  10. What if this isn't an issue? Is disabling uTP (setting bt.transp.disposition on 5) advisable if you want to ensure that you're always downloading as fast as possible?
  11. It's a little unclear what you mean, but are you saying that you never want it to use the tray at all? Otherwise, you can get pretty close by unchecking "Minimize to tray" and hiding the tray icon. I for one want to continue using the tray for uTorrent in Win7, so like it as is. The taskbar 100% of the time is overkill for uTorrent and I wouldn't use a "Close to taskbar" type option. On another subject, I have to say that looking at the new toolbar with fresh eyes, I thought the Preferences icon was grayed out and unavailable to me. I don't see why it's not pronounced like it used to be. Same for "Create New Torrent."
  12. "UAC must be completed to install in Vista or higher" might not be the best phrasing. I, for one, don't quite understand it. Do you mean UAC must be enabled?
  13. For anyone not from the beta wondering what uTP actually is:
  14. Nice job. A lot of people predicted the worst for uTorrent when it changed hands back a year ago or whenever it was, but I never held those rather cynical beliefs and look how things turned out.
  15. Yes, but since, I don't know, about 95% of the updates are betas and not fed through that mechanism, it's quite easy to forget about it. Someday, I hope for an advanced option (which defaults to off) that allows betas to come down this way, too.