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  1. Maybe it should be disabled by default in next versions? Windows caching creates only troubles for uTorrent, or all its cache quickly gets all filled only by uTorrent data and other applications suffer because of that.
  2. Is it possible to make this optional? Ideally, on per-torrent basis, but at least a flag in advanced options would be fine. First, there's a security issue. Some bad client in swarm could report some random IPv6 address, thus poisoning swarm and making it connect to this address which could be a kind of DDoS, since other clients cannot validate such IPs. Same trick could be done by PEX, but this one will work even on torrents with private flag set. Another reason is if I want to communicate on IPv6 only. I know I can block all IPv4 range by ipfilter.dat but what if I don't want my IPv4 address exposed at all? When this advanced flag is set maybe uTorrent should ignore other addresses it receives from other peers during handshake. This will work like a kind of VPN that would totally hide my IPv4 address from anyone for privacy reasons.
  3. When you add RSS download rule as copy of another rule, i.e. clicking 'Add' when another rule selected, it seems not to remember changes you made and saves only the copy. When you open this rule another time, you can edit it and everything is saved normally.
  4. I don't see it sending "event=paused" to tracker when partially seeding. Should it?
  5. Very strange crash torrent names started to become some ugly unicode characters, complete % magically changed from 100% to 8% then it just died.
  6. utorrent-2.0-beta-17127.upx.exe cannot connect to any tracker. it writes "updating" and nothing happens. Both utorrent-2.0-beta-16850.upx.exe and utorrent-2.1-beta-17085.upx.exe are working fine. Add: Sorry, all trackers connected after some lo-o-ong time, other versions connects much faster
  7. Both alphas seem to lose GUI settings. I select "don't install" during first run, but both times all window positions, selected columns, its sizes and sorting modes are lost and I have to reconfigure them.
  8. uT 200B seems to be recognized as instead of Beta:
  9. Firon can you clarify situation with uT vesions? we had 1.9 alpha, then 2.0 beta, now 2.1 alpha, meanwhile several 1.8.stable releases. Why skip 1.9 stable? Will 2.0 stable be released? What new features are planned for 2.1? Will we see IPv6-capable DHT for example?
  10. nice build, I really like TCP rate control - browser now works faster when uT download a well-seeded torrent. but it's the first beta I remember that crushes that much, hope next build will solve this. crash dumps, hope will help:
  11. is it possible to have different bt.transp_disposition options for LAN (10.* 192.168.* 172.x.*) and for Intrenet? On LAN I have full 100mbit UL/DL with TCP and <10mbit with uTP. and on "normal" internet with uTP I have better speed than TCP.
  12. any plans to add SSL for p2p communication (not just headers encryption)? RSS regexp filtering will be a nice feature, too
  13. Ultima, Firon Do you have ony information on their plans for future development? Can we hope to see NAT Traversal in uTorrent for example? UPD: There must exist many open source implementation examples to look at, or even LGPL code that can be included into uT...
  14. problems of 488 and 489 builds showed that it was the first time new developers ever tried to compile uTorrent
  15. what changes are between 483 and 488 builds?