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  1. Verizon Yahoo Broadband DSL seems to be throttling BT bandwidth. It usually happened on the lower ports (< 10,000) so I just made my port in the 40,000 - 50,000 range and it was fine. This has been a year since, that I've been using those high ports and I've never had to enable encryption. Well a few days ago, I noticed nothing was moving faster that than a few kilobytes. I of course restarted everything (including my modem/router) and it was still really slow. I enabled encryption, and voila! my torrents are coming in fast again. FYI, this is with the same torrents, same port (42,030). So anyway, because I'm kind of curious about this kind of stuff, I disable encryption and the torrent speed drops. Oh well, I guess I'll be encrypting. I'm in the Austin area of Texas, USA (Also, other P2P traffic is affected as well and this strategy seems to fix it too.)
  2. Can someone please explain to me, how in the hell, are they supposed to sneak something into a tiny, yet massively feature packed 173KB executable? Seems like it'd be a pretty damned tight fit. I've seen forum sigs that were larger in filesize than that. For all you people saying you won't update; Why? What makes you think there's something fishy going on? Now if the µTorrent.exe jumped mysteriously up to 300KB, then maybe I'd be suspicious. So far, I've seen nothing shady going on and the new version works really well. Thanks admins, for the updates and for putting up with paranoid idiots who forget which program they're talking about.