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  1. user agent we need a way to either change the user agent OR set it to utorrent's normal user agent since most (private) trackers block it. we also need the tracker tab.
  2. issue: unable to change priority on files within a torrent. chrome canary (latest): FAIL (Google Chrome 7.0.524.0 (Official Build 59341) canary build) chrome: WORKS (Google Chrome 6.0.472.59 (Official Build 59126)) firefox 3.6: WORKS you might be using some feature in a wrong way, youtube had the same problem a few days ago where they were using some feature in a wrong way causing it not to work.
  3. issues that i have noticed: • config file does not seem to load, even if i put errors in it the webinterface always launches with zero settings. (webui port seems to stick though (which i set when i launched the webui earlier)). • torrent > files list is there, but the % on the files is wrong (example torrent with one file, completed 100% but in files it says 94.2% done) • "4 of 210 connected (¿? in swarm)" wtf othervise perfect, but yes well i need the settings to work for me to be able to use it properly...
  4. You need to include a colon between the setting name and its value. i'm gonna be testing that after this download completes. Also, if i change stuff in the webui, and then ctrl+c the process all of the changed settings seem to be gone when i start it again.
  5. yes an example config file would be nice, for me it seems like my config file won't load, even if i put junk in it... this is what i have so far