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  1. Ok, this is a little bit of a rant but something the dev's NEED to sort out. Ultima, as you said yourself.. the new builds.. some of which seem to happen on a semi daily basis are not on the auto updater. The first post here which is supposed to show the builds has not been updated in quite some time and does not even show the more recent ones. Some builds of the 1.8.2 series have had some decent bugs so a site really needs to whitelist or blacklist versions by build number. Now since the build number is not included in the name, it becomes VERY confusing for members and a site has to do it via eg: uTorrent/1820:-UT1820-\;+]®+ò wžH uTorrent/1820:-UT1820-z8Úm†$?ÐrÉù& uTorrent/1820:-UT1820-;µ´ü:~*üâ® or whatever...(with the 1st 2 symbols being the build) as the 1.8.2 has no build number in the name. They see a site allows 1.8.2 but their tracker message says "banned client". Other members check their clients and they find they all have different builds and there have been no updates on their auto update.. so then all say. they are right and the others are wrong. It ends up being one huge mess. In my opinion and with most programs out there.. builds occur up to a stable release then that release is locked as stable, whilst builds then should continue in the next BETA version, heading towards a new stable. Currently members of trackers are having to re-download the executable over and over again as it does not tell them the build until they install it and with the frequent changes, they have little choice. May I also suggest that since uTorrent does not add the build to the name and IF you are going to continue this practice, that you at least create a forum thread here where you list the full ascII build id's of each build. This will make implementation easier for trackers and ultimately get more people using the client. With current tracker code, detectclients.php or whatever, only groups by name and not "hidden" ascII builds and for a tracker to list all by ascII build id and with the next few characters being random, it creates a massive list which is unmanageable. It has become so out of hand that it is comming down to 2 options. A tracker allows ALL builds of a version (even ones that are detrimental to the tracker and member) or they ban that version (in this case 1.8.2) totally.