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  1. 29462 fixes the stuck on checking when using magnet link. Still miss the apps but that not a actually
  2. There aware of the issue and working to fix. Down side is i miss the
  3. Totally agree 3.3 is borked. You add torrents and they forever remain in a state of checking.
  4. Not sure you can really call this a bug but you can't select apps in windows 8.
  5. Here we go i must be falling asleep i forgot to attach Sent
  6. There seems to be a bug with the latest build. If you try to add a torrent when utorrent is checking a a file it causes utorrent to crash. Crash dump sent of course when this happened. Once file check is done torrents can be added without problem.
  7. Ultima the upside is that it does seem to make it much more difficult for them to do so. Though a side affect its a welcome one for most and improved flow control though not quite there yet has improved.
  8. Sadly it seems the utp function is totally ineffective against throttling. After a short period of time the equipment used sees through this and you are throttled again. This can take days or longer depending on where you live and how heavily its used in your area but in the end the equipment wins. Not too much of a surprise since we are talking deep packet inspection here and the bittorent pattern still remains. It does make it harder but no more so then burying you traffic on a port for encrypted traffic. This may differ depending on your area and what equipments used but for us up north its wait tell after Ahh well worth a try.
  9. One thing for sure its improved by leaps and bounds. Nice work.
  10. Confirmed. Speed is better could be weather messing with mine so more confirmation is needed.
  11. Build 13879 has most of the issues fixed from what i can tell at first glance. Down side is speeds although stable seem to cap out around 100 to 130 when they should be maxing out a conection. No cpu spiking No overload on connection No crashing yet
  12. New build working fine and no connection overload seems to be present.
  13. Are we there yet are are Sorry couldn't help It does work speeds do improve although not hugely (around 100kb/s) but it overloads the internet connection to the point of making things quite slow as others have reported.
  14. Its not much a secret these days and a google search worded correctly leads you right to it. I know personaly thanks to the fact i work in the industry (not the mpaa thank you very much). All that aside you don't in anyway strike me as blind or stupid and have to be wondering why suddenly all the major clients are getting bought up. I would suggest you take a good look at the latest in clients from bittorrent and it should answer alot of your questions. Now you side stepped the whole issue which how do we know for sure about further updates.? Its a honest question some in this tread have asked with out insults or condeeming all the great work done in the past on utorrent. Simply dimissing these guestions is just going to make things worse.
  15. Hmmmm i do agree comments by a few members in this thread have been somewhat over the top but the core of the argument has truth in it. Sadly ultima you are incorrect in one area the mpaa is funding bittorrent development in areas to control and disrupt bittorent downloads and have been doing so for sometime now. That being said just because that utorrent is now part of bittorrent does not mean these updates are bad but it also puts a major degree of doubt in them. This is compounded by the fact that azureus got caught stabbing everyone in the back so people are understandably paranoid. One thing iam sure of is that people here bitching have no right to complain as they got a program for free that did its job first rate and honestly. Without a source code and no way to be sure that this hasn't got a suprise i fear this isn't going to float and its likely eventually going to go the way of other clients.