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  1. This chart would be *SO* much better if it matched the actual wording... on the actual screens... on the software itself. Or even this method: Click on the BANDWIDTH tab and type in these values... 15, 60, 200, 40, 20, etc. Click on QUEUEING and type in: 5, 10, 5, 20, etc Done. I just don't have time to read pages and pages of text. Why call it "UPLOAD Limit" in 1 place... but call it "Max Upload Speed" elsewhere? Why call it "Upload Slots" in 1 place... but call it "number of peers to upload to"? Why call it "Connections Torrents" if you really mean "Maximum Connections allowed"? Why use the term "Connections Maximum" if you mean "Global Maximum Connections allowed"? Why say "Maximum Active Torrents"... instead of "Total Maximum Active"? If you mean "Maximum Active Downloads" why say "Total Maximum Downloading Torrents"??? Why make 1000s of people have to guess about the "translation"???? Ugh.
  2. How come v1.8.4 is still saying "no updates available" when v1.8.5 was released 4 weeks ago???? Released *AND* stable... but doesn't exist? Just because it *STILL* has bugs in it... doesn't mean "*NO* updates are available".... but that's what millions of people are getting. False info.