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  1. Excellent! Thanks! Up and running fine so far. Just testing the: - Fix: don't delete files when 'download to' and 'move to' directories are the same Hoping to confirm it works in my case! Once again, thanks!! :cool: Update: Test 1 - File finished downloading, save-in & move-to (via label) set the same, worked flawlessly!
  2. In the past I also have found 21866 to be the most stable. Also the move after complete works properly, and doesn't mess up RSS feeds which download directly to the finally destination. That being said, I have switched to the current 24118 version successfully, and have had no problems. I had to change all my RSS filters to download to same temporary location as manually added torrents, and then let the move after complete & labels move them to the proper end location. It hasn't crashed for me yet. However I am not running multiple instances. Hopefully that gets ironed out so the newer version can work for you! I definitely find the newer versions faster! :cool:
  3. :cool: Cool! Thanks! Looks like labeling (and perhaps moving with label appended) remain I correct? Thanks, Jason