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  1. not sure that is bug but sometimes after restart utorrent, tray icon don't appear Thank you:)
  2. no some trackers refuse beta clients
  3. Windows seven 32bit ultimate
  4. sometimes utorrent icons dissepears how can solve this problem ? Thanks my utorrent version is 2.2 23703 I have not setted boss key
  5. How i can set password to utorrent 2.2 ? thanks
  6. Please tell me how i can get back modern skin ? Thanks
  7. Hi is this bug or I'm doing something wrong? when i'm launching magnet link there isn't file list
  8. For me up/do speed is normal as it was oin 2.0.4
  9. What the matter at this version i'm ofthen getting this error message at 2.0.1. 2.0.2 everything was fine