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  1. i m using 2.0.4 b21586 on win7 ultimate 64bit i have same problem as described by Simon100 uTorrent freezes when changing some option i noticed it when enabling and disabling "Resolve IPs" also the "Resolve IPs", in the "Peers" tab, is not working i had disabled IP resolving (to save bandwidth and reduce overheads) in previous version and that preference continued in the new version. in old version resolving ip was working correctly (displaying flags respective to the ip addresses) but i enabled it in this version and now this option has no effect. nothing happens, except freezing for almost 5 secs, when checking/unchecking "Resolve IPs" btw, just for fun: i have noticed from a reply by a Chinese that, Chinese mostly like big icons on application skins. this can be confirmed from their cartoons too. in their cartoons their eyes & head r drawn bigger than normal. agree?