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  1. Well. Still, for now the Windows binary works much better, over wine. Noticeably more efficient, better controls, you can open files right from the UI, and nowadays all you need to do to get it working is "winetricks utorrent && wine utorrent". There's no much sense for using the linux server+WebUI for the actual job right now. Though I will gladly continue to test it of course. And I think we need a way to group-add .torrent files to the download list.
  2. Oh, nevermind. Just noticed that the WebUI Files tab is paged. Those who have that problem with 50 files limit, just look at its down right corner, you'll see the page controls. Well, I hope those would appear more obvious in future versions. Otherwise, great job.
  3. To clarify: that's probably a WebUI problem; in case there are more than 50 files in a torrent, it displays the status of only the first 50 of them in the Files tab. Which is bad. Not only that, but sometimes the status of certain files in a torrent is displayed as incomplete, completely with an incorrect progress percentage, while the torrent itself is downloaded completely. About cpu and memory consumption, well, it's not very bad, not very bad at all. IMHO every one of all other linux torrent clients with an at least somewhat user-friendly interface tends to use much more of both.