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  1. To quote Grandlord above: "this release 1.8.2 fuck up my downloads, before 1.8.1 version my downloads is 170 - 230 kbs, i know how to setup, but now find hard to know the problem and my download for this new version is only 3 kbs and upload is 35kbs, using the same torrent and other torrents. what the fuck! i'm very much annoyed i can't restore my settings before it's already fuck up!..." I also have had a similar experience. With 1.8 I almost continually had a red NAT signal and low speeds. 1.8.1 appeared to solve the problem, as I almost always had a green NAT signal and much higher speeds. I auto-updated to 1.8.2 and speeds immediately dropped tremendously and the red NAT signal was back. I uninstalled 1.8.2 and went back to 1.8.1 b12639 and still have the same problems. Whatever got fixed by 1.8.1 was broken by 1.8.2 and seems to be sticky. There still seems to be an issue. P