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  1. few things that need to be fixed, the transparency for the toolbar and tabs (already mentioned). Program icon should be changed, the new one is absolutely awful. it looks blobby and very unprofessional . still no blending on the .exe anyway as even the old one never displayed properly. apart from those few things good job.
  2. just wanna say this, but boo can u please stop just trying to modify other ppls work. its gettin extremely annoying seeing other ppls things that they have created, altered by you. let BSH make the changes he desires or simply request an idea.
  3. Thats more like it. blends in nicely with the site and looks alot more professional. Good work BSH definately my favourite one of urs so far. i think it would be nice to see some icons for it too if possible. Probably need to make them vista compatible as it wont be long till that lump of junk will be released and everyone will want theyre huge 256x256 icons slapped on theyre desktops. Also just a thought, becauase of the way the whole concept of µTorrent is based around the light shades of green, maybe a couple of alternative coloured icons as i feel on the light grassy type wallpapers some ppl use , they may find the icon abit difficult to see.
  4. if you would like to post images use bbcode, eg to post an image use [img=]
  5. which image would u like to make an icon from ? if its a png u can get a few different programs that convert png with transparent backgrounds to .ico
  6. im thinking u didnt just read what i posted only 4 posts ago and was quoted 2 posts ago. Just saw your post, not a bad effort gooey.
  7. there is to be no µ in the logo im afraid gooey, nice work though
  8. cant say im too keen on either of them. if i had to choose id prefer the utorrent2 layout. the dark green one reminds me too much of or a site like that
  9. have u not read the entire thread ? this is for a logo not just an icon. Also something that doesnt contain the µ
  10. i dont mind abit of gloss on things but i think the bees were abit overkill on it thats all.
  11. noones said shrills designs have been picked yet, perhaps if BSH could come up with a couple of quick concepts without the use of the glossy/reflection type look.
  12. ok ill try to explain. im not sure on the pose the bee is in (even though i tried making a bee in the exact same kind of pose only to giveup as i couldnt think of where to put in enough detail), it seems to be abit to cute n friendly. It also seems abit too glossy. theres no question about your skills with PS as they are very good, maybe a corporate sort of type logo would be more suitable.
  13. BSH i think u take it all abit to seriously and as though it were a contest to try and prove whos best. noones saying ur designs are rubbish, far from it. just that shrills tend to look smarter and more suitable for the program. @boo i posted what i thought in ur vote thread.
  14. i dont think the tribal guy would come out too cartoonish, he just needs making to be made more 3D than he is at the moment.
  15. i do like the bee concept, especially the little slogan "for the swarm". i think that the designs BSH did look abit too cartoony. they are excellent designs and made very well. i just dont think they look smart enough for an application such as µTorrent. its not an icon i would really want on my current desktop. Shrills bee does look smarter but as ludde said i think theres abit to much overkill with the black, not sure about the eyes yet.
  16. been suggested already and was dismissed. the tribal guy still does it for me.
  17. im not so keen on the bottom guy but ur first tribal man and the top one are fantastic, i think i still like ur first the most as it had some colour to it. definately small, cute and identifiable.
  18. very nice work BSH, i wonder where shrill has got to, im guessing hes not going to try and improve tribal guy. would be a real shame cause i love the lil fella.
  19. very nice lil viking there, would love to see how it comes out as an icon.
  20. gonna post anyway even though its not relevant to the topic but congratulations on both the little girl and the job.
  21. ludde has specifically requested that the µ not be used in logo/icon design.
  22. i do think that green should definately be the colour for the logo. ive kind of associated µTorrent with the greens now.
  23. hmmm, still not to keen on this ninja idea. id still have to say tribal guy is the best.
  24. will we be seeing anything from urself foood ? i sure hope so
  25. the humming bird icons look nice n all but theres no character to them, they just look like normal standard icons. i do agree the tribal guy is by far the best concept and just needs a tiny bit of spicing up before it being the clear winner.