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    µTorrent WebUI

    Thanks, v0.388 (2013-05-28) works nice in Chrome with utserver (linux)
  2. Soon we can celebrate first birthday of current version: 2012-05-30 03:51:17 New x86 and x64 builds of µTorrent Server available! (27079) A year without update or fix? I know, this is free client! But please, don't let him die in alpha stage!
  3. Still same problem with zombies after execution of script on download completion: ps -A | grep defunct 16099 ? 00:00:00 mail_finish <defunct> Looks like there is no wait on child process, because mail is always sent
  4. I have the same problem like skyy99 ( zombies after script executed on complete ). And also some torrent names ( folders, torrent files ) in russian turns to ???????. But the strange thing that not all of them, and in WebUI they readable. Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit, utserver 3.0-25053