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  1. It works fine for me on both Windows 95 and Windows 98 here.... could be a software firewall/esque issue what is your setup Dingo? What kind of trackers does it have issues with? EDIT: And also please make a new thread if you would
  2. It is really an alpha as there are still a batch or two more features incoming to it, but all of them are minor and as-is it should be as stable as 1.8. Nope - installing over the old version should work as if nothing had happened .
  3. This was part of the change to move all dialogs to be non-modal so you could change torrent settings and such while adding torrents through the GUI. Other dialogs were also changed to be this way in 1.8 as well. Now, the thing you mention about the destination getting saved is a good point and sort of a trade-off currently - it should still do so but not for ones already open. In the future I'm planning on adding batch capability to the dialog so you can choose where to save any number of selected torrents from just one add torrent dialog, but I'm not 100% sure how to approach that quite yet. Please feel free to mention any suggestions if you have any.
  4. I can confirm that at least for me it still says it on the first page of the thread.
  5. ludde was one of the authors of the extension header, and it made its way in around 1.4 I think. However, even uTorrent itself has to hack around previous versions because they never consistently updated the extended client version string. All ancient history of course. This squabbling is all kind of silly, since none of the Bittorrent Inc. developers ever claimed (publicly, there was of course some mention on private IRC when we were testing versions) that 1.6 was vulnerable from this particular exploit. There is a moral to this story of course - never use strcpy on a buffer with a fixed length from a string with a non-fixed length. In fact, probably never using strcpy is a good idea as well.
  6. Oh geez, this thing still. Listen, I already posted in the thread that the exploit didn't effect 1.6 line. I'm not sure how it happened it got posted that it effected that line.... guessing because we had to get the thing out so fast that there may have been some minor miscommunication there. And please don't post that link to the exploit!
  7. @StonieTonie It shouldn't have any viruses if you got the one off of utorrent.com; it is likely the anti-virus programs being a bit overactive. (Note the "Suspicious" part)
  8. audigy - screenshot would be helpful .
  9. @B!LL So, it was just download reporting, and not upload?
  10. Please specify "Massive false announce"
  11. Well, the bug is http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8514 supposively it was fixed around last month or so
  12. Oh man.... that sounds like an old WINE bug I might have fixed and unfixed... search the forums a bit poncho - you will probably find the answer EDIT: - Fix: Work around a Wine bug where getsockname() returns success but keeps passed in port at 0 if socket already bound; thus uTorrent would itself reset back to port 0 if it was already in use and then - Change: Remove a hack that was put in for Wine's getsockname() in build 2132; it didn't work correctly .... so that is the answer
  13. @Crise Please send the file to greg@bittorrent.com