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  1. Is you torrent folder a valid path? like not on an inaccessible network drive. Yes, installed in C:\Program Files (x86). Haven't touched the settings leaving few basic ones and also not using directories. Will utorrent behaviour change if the HDD partitions are dynamic and not basic? Since my partitions are dynamic.
  2. Torrent files are being saved outside of utorrent folder in Roaming folder, as utorrent, utorrent1 and so on... These are .torrent files and not magnet links. Using utorrent 3.2 Build 27708 [32-bit], Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
  3. While using "Shutdown when Downloads Complete" option of Auto Shutdown, utorrent quits but doesn't shutdown the system.
  4. Pls Fix this, version 3.1 Build 26671 The Auto Shutdown freezes indefinitely when the countdown reaches '1'. The uTorrent keeps running in the task manager.
  5. Was prompted to update by the auto-updater to build 26650. Any Changelog???
  6. The fix did not in fact make it into the 25303 release. It is in the new 25309 build I just put up though. Could you try it? The problem is still present... The "Completed On" is showing incorrect date and time. Please move "Added On" & "Completed On" rows to under "Pieces" column
  7. Date mentioned is wrong. It should be 24th and not 18th of this month...
  8. Read the FAQ and Documentation.
  9. Bug found: Help > Show Statistics: Number of Torrents Added count doesn't increase stays at 0.