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  1.,tff5xcbkffp4kkh dumps. the 287whatev file, I believe that occurred while tweaking gui settings to prepare a clean appdata run for use. Also the column selection is going offscreen and can only be scrolled using the keyboard. My rez is 1366x768. Finally if you right click in the logger and try to pick an option that overlaps with the detailed pane tabs the selection counts as a right-click on the detailed pane tabs. Oh and looks like if you have the playback column on, select a torrent that's streamable, and unselect the playback column, the stream button on the selected torrent likes to hang around for a short while. Any plans at all to fix the network indicator so it DOESN'T show "all is good" even without portforwarding? RSS is completely broken! After a feed is added say from dailytvtorrents the feed url is modified to include what I'm guessing is part of the feeds title (checked, XML title tag). The feed can't update after that. There are two pipe characters showing in the log and one of the pipe characters can't be removed from feed editing dialog, it's invisible. Deleting the visible one seems to help once but then the other invisible pipe gets added back.
  2. The confusing crapware dialogs aren't unique to uT.
  3. Seems like an odd way to be motivated but good for you.
  4. Does it crash and stick around till you click something? Maybe debugging tools for windows can take a dump.
  5. Did I mention, nice concept, but it's not particularly useful at scales over 200000 ms?
  6. - Fix: Don't connect to ports < 1024 when no-connect-to-services is enabled (which it is by default) - Change: add port 80 and 443 to the default port block list Whyyyyyyyyyy. No problems blaming peoples computers and (crappy) software, but are you still accommodating this one aspect of crap firewall software?
  7. When you wine peoples update, are you trying a clean prefix (empty/no .wine) and the latest dev?
  8. My wineserv is fine apparently, wine-1.2 gentoo.
  9. Using 23858: - Feature: Add a uTP delay measurement graph <- Can't see the average delay with the huge peak spikes, i liked my "send to log" idea better. - Fix: search box flickers when it should be hidden <- I see this anyway. <- still present.
  10. Being able to control the graph scale would make things more useful, It's a tad difficult to use the new utp delay graphing when max delay spikes over 4s leave the average delay little mounds at the bottom. Making all files .!ut before finishing checking is pretty annoying.
  11. Wow, I reported that blanking out thing I've no idea how long ago. Were you planning on downloading from yourself exactly what you have?
  12. Plenty of room for improvement in various areas already discussed.
  13. It's pretty hit and miss when it comes to seeing benefits from it.
  14. Probably the "doesn't work on XP" bug.
  15. If it finishes and then a hash check finds it incomplete, a program is corrupting it automatically ("media indexers" usually) or you have hardware issues.
  16. Dunno what's causing it, uT keeps hanging and using a ton of CPU on me. I made some minidumps (I think two were made with /bigdump):
  18. Unexpected crash, after uT restarted Ubuntu finished downloading. Come to think of it, I got a crash on another computer sometime in July, it too experienced a crash just before Ubuntu finished downloading... here: That was an XP computer using 1.8.3! This is on the Vista computer I normally use with 1.8.5:
  19. I have a lot of torrents running, and used the pause all option while I loaded a ton of webpages on my dinky line. Then I had set one torrent to start and forgot about it overnight. When I came back, the torrent was a queued seed! A queued seed while all the other torrents were paused and had no activity. This occurs in 1.8.5rc1 as well. Why don't the don't count slow settings take affect? And why would paused torrents be counted in the first place? Speed graph picture, taken about 2:26pm (-6gmt): Dump file I made of 1.8.5rc1:
  20. uTP outgoing and stuff is managed by an advanced setting: You can also uncheck enable bandwidth management to disable uTP in and out.
  21. Portforward test doesn't work on Vista SP2 for me if UPnP/NAT-PMP is disabled and then uT is restarted. _rafi_ said after trying my settings.dat the test didn't work for him either but changing the port let it function again.
  22. No it isn't, and your link is unrelated.
  23. On the topic of port forwarding, I preferred the old test over this one. Why can't the new one check for forwarding even with port mapping disabled?