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  1. Hello, I installed uTorrent for the first time Friday...the beta one. One group I belong to had suggested to use it because of Azureus had some issue with keeping track of amount uploaded and download reporting measurments. I had been reading information on the internet about it for a month or two, but never tried it because I was so happy with Azureus except that it seems to use much memory and resources. I'll say! uTorrent is very impressive on system resources and memory. Wow only 8kb, and it works from a single 200kb file!! That is so impressive! I've not seen a program that has all these features and is so small in years. Very good job people. I haven't seen how it works with a large amount of torrents at once, but right now I have 8 that I'm seeding and downloading and I still have plenty of resources and dont' even notice it's running. Azureus never would work right with the Upnp function with my modem. It would open the port, but never close it when I shut it down. I works fine with uTorrent every time and I love the feature that changes to a random port at every start up, which is a very nice feature. The current beta is working fine so far constantly for 3 days, not a glitch. Thanks very much and you guys did a great job