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  1. Ok, now it's obvious: the linux Webui cannot work with SSH port forwardings. The 23090 version just crashes... the older version starts with it, but corrupts the handshake procedure. (I spent the whole day making this combination work... with no luck. At the end of the day, I had an idea. I tried the whole thing with another client (command-line Bittornado). Same SSH settings, same enviroment, and it worked flawlessly right out of the box. So, can you please fix this issue in the next release? It's a very important feature IMHO. (At least for be, living behind a proxy.) Thank you, and keep up the good work! -- Tom
  2. Hello! I am new to Utorrent Linux Webui, altough I am a system administrator for a long time. Anyway... I think I found a bug. I want to use the WebUI with SSH's port forwarding feature. (All other command line clients works perfectly via this method.) First you start forwarding a specific port via SSH, and second, in the WebUI you set up the socks5 proxy as '' and the forwarded port. Now the problem is that the WebUI hangs with this setup. It has got perfect proxy support by the way (I tested with a normal remote socks5 proxy and worked like a charm), but for some reason, when I try to use the internal forwarded port as proxy, the WebUI hangs. It offers me to reload the new port settings, but when I try to do that, nothing happens, it just keeps waiting and waiting forever. It behaves the same if I manually add this proxy data into the configfile. The executable will start then, but the WebUI will be unavailable. No error messages, no errors in the log, nothing. As I said before, this method works with other programs. (Like Bittornado, for example.) Proxy support also works with the Webui. Only this combination fails. I tried a lot of options... and eventually I gave up, and I think it's somekind of a bug in the Webui, Anyone here who made success with SSH port forwarding and the WebUi? Thanks! Tom EDIT: In the previous version (21701) this feature WORKED. However, it suffers from a lot of interrupts, namely: "assert failed peerconn.cpp:709 (21701)" and then it quits.
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