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    Has this been updated yet, as I want to use it, but I can't seem to find an updated worldwide list?
  2. moogly, It is 'relative' because it also happens in the official released 1.8 branch as well...!
  3. My motherboard is an ASUS (RoG) Rampage II Extreme w/ Gigabit ethernet; my computer is running Vista Home Premium x64
  4. I assume the following is what you are talking about, but it says do I configure it, etc:
  5. I am still unable to get the following to stick: Install IPv6/Teredo This happens on 1.9; as well as 1.8.x. I did make a post about this, so far there's been no answer:
  6. Has there been a new Alpha of 1.9 (Beta?), I am currently using build 14659..?!