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  1. I'm running win7 ultimate x64, plain win7 firewall, microsoft essentials as antivirus
  2. Strange problem everytime i try closing utorrent it stop responding for a moment before closing normally
  3. I'm surprise that no newer build were released since december 24. In the past we were used to get fixes more often and new build every 2 weeks or so.
  4. @Ultima: It occurs i get to grab stuff from public tracker sometimes i could not find on my preferred private one. I've set uTorrent to stop seeding when i reach the default 1.5 or 150 ratio. Thats how i deal with utorrent, sometimes i would edit properties of specific torrent to seed to higher ratio too. I was just wondering if there is gonna be some specific settings to apply in advanced to behave the same as 1.8.1
  5. Is there a way to make this version act like 1.8.1 concerning seeding/leeching speed ... I explain myself and i think it apply not just to me... It occured that you download torrent from a non-ratio tracker and want to cut seeding on it to 1 in order to preserve seeding speed on your other active torrent on ratio tracker. On 1.8.1 doing this was not affecting leeching speed but on 1.9 it does
  6. I did install build 13485 got no crash or bug but download/upload speed went down too much and i went back to 1.8.1 I will wait until a couple of more build come up before thinking to install it back
  7. On most of the late 1.8.1 build i'm keep having the same recurring issue with it. After adding new torrent the tracker of it won't update/refresh correctly unless i completly close utorrent and restart it.
  8. Dunno why but instead of release it as final and keep updating it, you should have keep the RC series until there was no more bug left. So i won't consider this as being final version but mostly as RC 10.