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  1. That could be an issue with the site you're getting the torrent from. Using Firefox (19.0.2) & uTorrent' date=' the dialog box takes approx. 1 second to appear for me.[/quote'] I mean 10+ sec after Firefox reports the download of torrent file or magnet. Anyway will see.
  2. After the last update when I click a link (firefox) to add a torrent it takes more than 10 sec for the dialog to appear.
  3. I'd suggest that you try the latest 3.31 beta The same problem with 3.3.1. It seems that happens with files that have 4MB pieces. All files checked up to 1.8GB never had a problem. Its very bad. A transfer app with unreliable transfers. Looks like that after 3.3 the problem existed before, is worse.
  4. I have this a long time. But not always. From some version and up. Downloaded files are not transferred correctly. I use "Force Re-Check" and the errors are found. Then the erroneous parts are downloaded correctly. Many times when the file is in zip format cannot unzip because of transfer errors. Then I use "Force Re-Check" and then I am able to unzip. Looks like that this problem is more frequent with big files of 4GB+ and block size of 4MB. The latest stable version has this problem. A few minutes ago two files of about 4GB tested and found with transfer problems.
  5. A minor but annoying bug: After boot the icon in task-bar disappears and I have to go through Preferences/UI Settings/Always show tray icon and uncheck/check to get it back.