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  1. I'm kinda glad that these dumb people will stop using uTorrent. It would be nice tho if they didn't feel the need to let us know. The trackers will get sorted out over time, I'm sure. At least most of them. And, I'm begging one more time, please make the UPnP logging default, so I could get only UPnP info, not *EVERYTHING*.
  2. Yes.. I get that of course... and then, a whole truckload of other data. But, what I would like is to get this without ticking any options, and get all the 'haves' and 'gots' and 'handshakes' only if I choose to. Tho it seems to me that I'm being consistently ignored, since I didn't get either a yes or a no answer to my humble plea..
  3. No, this was NOT what I was saying! Logging errors logs too much. What I would like is just that UPnP be logged, just as it was before.. Is that too much to ask??
  4. I would have liked UPnP to be logged by default, as I mentioned What was the reasoning behind moving it to logging by demand?? My router sometimes forwards OK, sometimes not... this would save time... :|
  5. Please, get the UPnP logging back there on the logger tab by default. For us with quirky wireless routers, it was useful, coz I could see right away if it didn't work out on a particular try. Please, pleaase, get it back... You're wrong.
  6. OK, thanks for correcting that settings bug..I thought I f***ed up something... Download limit 'bug'....interesting..it doesn't occur here..
  7. Just tested that 'download limit bug', just for the heck of it.. Works, and found out µTorrent indeed does make its best effort to honor the limit..goes maybe 1 kbps over it.. in my case at least..
  8. Well I resolved both problems myself it seems. 1. Port is not repeatedly mapped if I rightclick on the icon representing my router in the network folder and choose 'Enable'. What that does and why it resolves the issue, well I don't have a clue. 2. The resolution for the 2nd is very Vistish. Dumping memory info will be done just fine if uTorrent is launched in 'Run as administrator' fashion. Other than external IP being reported evertyhing else is OK with the newest build.
  9. I'm running the most recent µTorrent 1.7 beta build on Vista Home Premium, I have a D-Link G684T wireless router and, as you will see, UPnP port mapping works for me... .. and tho why it remaps it every 20 minutes is a mistery to me, I don't worry 2 much about it coz as far as I can see, everything is OK and 'green' Greetings from a satisfied µTorrent user from Croatia! On a bynote, I'm a busybody and I hence discovered that trying to dump memory info on the logger tab crashes the client. Not going down that road again
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