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  1. hyed, Vyriix, try set bt_limit_local_peers to True. It helped me.
  2. For me upload and download limit is not working in 2740 too. Any settings not helped.
  3. Stone, yes, I`m using 2407 (2448 now). I tryed to delete settings.dat, but it have no effect. And one more strange problem. I uploading at speed 20-30 kB/s but graph says, that upload speed = 0.
  4. Scheduler is disabled. Speed limited via Preferences/Connection/Global Bandwidth Limiting and set to 15 kB/s
  5. It`s my speed graph. Limiting has no effect.
  6. Upload and download limiting don`t work in last 2 betas (2248 and 2407) for me. But in 2228 and lower it works. Any ideas?