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  1. Wheheh firon, i was too late with my edit, please read it again Thanks for your answer by the way
  2. Only "problem" i have is the tracker is telling me i leeched 2 torrents now. But it isnt true, i seed one torrent and leech one torrent. (no superseed) I have stopped them, tracker show me i dont leech or seed, when start the seed tracker tell me i am leeching again... Not really big problem.... i have this with 1.4.434 and the 1.5 stable... lower version i never have looked at this small problem, so i dont know which version are showed up correctly at the tracker and which one dont. Edit: ah, i believe i understand it? I have skipped some parts, thats why the tracker believe i am not ready with the download? In my client i see my torrent is 100% complete, on the tracker i see i have 99,81% completed... Am i true?
  3. @boo, i am 100% with you too.... I like to see schurnlos or bloodstaindhurricane idea to implented... with the word "network" too...
  4. a ant is not possible, why dont you recreate this with a beetle or hornet or whatever, as they are fast. i like your logo...
  5. Thank you!! i have send this program to my friends too... Azureus use 75 MB and utorrent 3 MB. what a difference!!