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  1. Firon: I have no firewall rules at all for utorrent. I thought that's what UPnP is all about, that the application will create its own rules. I also switched over to Windows XP Pro x64 and now UPnP doesn't work at all in 1.6. And it's still not working in 1.7 either. I also recognised, that utorrent keeps banning me as a Peer with my external and internal(!) IP from several torrents in my list. The internal IP seems only to be banned on torrents I created by myself, but I am not sure. Both happened with 1.7 build 2740.
  2. I tried the latest 1.7 beta and UPnP doesn't seem to work. I tried a different port to be sure it's not blocked by anything. When I switched back to 1.6 it was immediately working.