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  1. Long time desktop user, but figuring its time to take a chance on the server option Ubuntu 10.10 build x64 (27079) is working great for me. Downloading seems oddly limited to about 6.7MB/s (53.6Mb/s) but i'll tweak the settings later to see if i can boost it. My connection supports a higher rate of speed and In practice i'm consistently getting higher speeds using rtorrent w/ a gui (which i'd used for many years) I'm confident its fixable, looking forward to updates on this project.
  2. For what purpose? You can already download the files to one folder, and tell the program to move them to another onces its done, renaming them to copy other programs serve no purpose if you ask me. On mine its setup like this All torrents are automaticly saved in: C:\Downloads\In Progress\!Torrents\ All downloads are started in: C:\Downloads\In Progress\ When a torrent finishes its moved to: C:\Downloads\Finished\!Torrents\ When a download finishes its moved to: C:\Downloads\Finished\ This is already available to you though existing options in the program, and its a lot easier to seperate them than just renaming the files like other programs do.