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  1. @ lostinspace The RAM usage must be caused by a setting on your side or a 3rd party program. RAM usage is usually between 6MB and roughly 25MB under load (for me; no manual cache size set), regardless of program build.
  2. @Richard Choi The problem is with upgrading from 1.8.2 to 1.8.3. The RSS feeds can now be edited to have a custom alias. However, I (obviously) did not have any before and despite that, the checkbox for 'use custom alias' is still checked by default and its associated editbox blank. The results is that the feed's broadcasted name is ignored and its URL is used as a name. Furthermore, in the RSS filter setup, if I leave the 'label' option blank it would previously add a filtered torrent to the category "No Label". However, now it will simply ignore an empty editbox and add the torrent with the RSS feed's name as label instead. So either an empty label field should add torrents under the No Label category again OR the option to not use a label should be added to the dropdown label menu in the RSS Downloader dialog.
  3. Ok, it seems I have solved my RSS issues caused by going from the 1.8.2 stable to the (last 2) 1.8.3 beta(s). The problem was caused by the (new?) "Custom Alias" settings in the "Edit Feed" dialog. By default the checkbox was checked with a blank editbox. This was causing the feed's name to be ignored and its URL to be used instead. Furthermore, this also caused (for some weird reason) label settings in the "RSS Downloader" dialog to be ignored and the URL title (blank custom alias) to be used instead. Also, this prevented edited data in the aforementioned "Add to Favorites" RSS popup dialog from being saved.
  4. [posted this on IRC before, but just doing it here again for clarity] Since witching from the 1.8.2 stable to the (latest) 1.8.3 beta I seem to have problems with the RSS filter (I have not attempted to delete rss.dat yet). - the filter's label settings are completely ignored and get the feed's name as label instead (which can be a long URL if the feed has no name set) - when right-clicking on a torrent in a feed and adding it to my favorites, nothing I change in the dialog that pops up gets saved until I open the RSS dialog and edit it again If someone could attempt to reproduce this behavior, I'd appreciate it.
  5. Maybe it's the column on the left which now goes all the way down? That can simply be changed to the old style in the Advanced settings by setting gui.tall_category_list to false.
  6. Look at Options > Preferences > Queueing. You can now set a torrent to a ratio and a custom time to seed. Before there was only a drop-down menu with times in it, but now you can enter a value yourself.
  7. Update server is down at the moment. Update manually or wait for it to come back.
  8. uk10: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=26529
  9. Read up on and check out local peers and the related settings in the BitTorrent section in the preferences.
  10. As far as I know this is not possible no. Personally I was glad to see them go.
  11. Take that up with Panda. :P
  12. rafi : http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=26019
  13. If you have deleted everything, downloading the .exe and running it again should fix that. It has always done that for me.
  14. I cannot reproduce this bug either. I tried creating a torrent with announce URLs: http://tpb.tracker.thepiratebay.org/announce http://a.aaa.aaa.com/announce http://cc.cccc.net/announce http://bb.bbbb.net/announce thepiratebay.org is displayed (and works) and cycles in the GUI with cccc.net. After a couple of cycles cccc.net disappears and is replaced by bbbb.net because cccc.net is obviously not working and the 'backup' tier bbbb.net is tried. bbbb.net comes back again after a couple cycles, etc. However, aaa.com is never displayed (because thepiratebay.org works) and therefore the behaviour is exactly as expected. In short: thepiratebay.org <-> cccc.net and thepiratebay.org <-> bbbb.net but NEVER aaa.com <-> cccc.net/bbbb.net
  15. For the same reason why it's not on the download page yet. The guy doing these changes is away for a few days, so until he gets back you will unfortunately (probably) not see it.