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  1. I'd like to give this a try. No real reason to pick me over others really, just an average user on a desktop computer with a wireless cable modem. I'd like to help the progression of µTorrent. I have Opera 8, Firefox 1.5, Sleipnir 2.3, and IE 6. All on Windows XP SP2. Thanks for the consideration.
  2. Congrats on the kid and the job BSH, thats what's more important. Keep up the good work here though.
  3. Azureus is a good client if you want it to appear to have a lot of features and power, but it really doesn't have anymore of those than µTorrent. It appears to have a lot of power because it sucks your computer's power to run the damn thing.
  4. I was trying to think what that cat looked like, then lite pointed out napster. It's very similiar andthe first program I thought of when I saw the logo, not good when someone thinks of a different program when they see your logo.
  5. I see the warrior as a individual that lives on very little resources, does his job without being told twice, hopefully fast and stealthy, and above all a warrior is dependable. All of those things relate to utorrent. Primitive is not really related to a warrior as we still have them today, especially if you include troops, however a true ninja is probably extinct by now. definition of warrior -
  6. BSH is starting to make some good designs, but the lack of some examples as to what the icons and such would look like is making the decision harder. The warrior relates to utorrent as much as a ninja but it gives more personality and uniquness and Shrill has already provided examples for the icons. But that doesn't mean the decision is over because BSH's designs are much more animated and can be inserted into ads and logos alot easier without just being the same old design. For me the decision would come down to each of the designers giving an example of every different type of image ludde may need so it can be viewed in it's almost completed state rather than a concept. The ninja looks better in the human form and for me he's much too green. He should have green eyes or something to keep the theme going but a better color suit could make him much better looking. My tastes would say a black suit with red trim and green eyes but most would disagree I'm sure. I do like the idea of having the ninja star as the small icon but wonder what it would look like completed. I also would recommend that BSH could see what he can do to the warrior with respect to Shrill, as to see what his skills and ideas can bring to this character.
  7. In the same direction as ranking I will also do so. But in two different categories as their are distinct differences in some of the designs. Best Mascots: 1. Tribal Warrior 2. Ninja Cat 3. Humming Birds 4. Space Alien Best in relation to uTorrent 1. Ninja Cat 2. Humming Birds 3. Tribal Warrior 4. Space Alien
  8. I think you might have a winner there BSH. I really like the green one. Those are great, if the decision is to use a hummingbird those would have to be chosen. The only problem is the warrior is unique and could easily be recognized as the utorrent mascot, these however might not be unique enough to do so. Either way we have three very good choices now.
  9. I still like the original one you created, just fix the eye. Still great work though. I was thinking since the µ shouldn't be used in the logo at least as the main focus, is there going to be a name change? WarTorrent or Warrior Torrent could match the Shrill design. I know bad names and probably a bad idea to change the name at this late of a stage but I was just assuming.
  10. The blood cells don't have enough personality. The alien and the warrior are the way to go. The bomb is a nice idea but I don't think a bomb can be associated with this program instantly very easily, the warrior can easily do that because he's unique. @boo - I thought you were making those icons, I just needed to see what that Icon looked like in XP and it doesn't match the colors very well. Possibly a brighter colored alien would go better.
  11. Interesting idea, could be good idea Can you post that little icon for download so we could see how it looks? I like the way both designs are going and that icon is really good.
  12. I really like the one you just put up BSH. But I like Shrill's due to it's character which should easily be related to utorrent if that is the way they go, and since it is so flat and simple it gives the vibe of being easy and small like utorrent. But both of your guys' designs are the way to go, I can see either of them being used, keep it up and hopefully both will get their due.
  13. I vote for Shrill's but only if he is willing to modify it and update it as the community and designers wish. That little green guy has the ability to take over the µ in the mascot department.
  14. I don't know if this has been posted earlier or not, I just scimmed the thread but have a look at the definition of torrent @ I would think you could combine that with the µ meaning and other P2P concepts like sharing and freedom and you have at least a basic idea of what the icon/logo should represent. Just an idea, good luck to the folks who can actually create this stuff.