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  1. if your manually copy utorrent.exe to the right place, you may run it the 1st time with the command "utorrent.exe /NOINSTALL" so the install dialog won't be shown, no shortcut will be created, and utorrent.exe won't be moved without prompting you
  2. So, you DO need a 4bpp one? I can add stuff if you want. Also, I supplied source files and a quick how-to. So everyone is able to re-do it
  3. the 16x16 4bpp icon should simply be removed! useless and bad-looking for every display mode under 32bpp... but please consider use the icons I've remade in next release! they're simply always better looking download mirror
  4. I've made a very, very, little update to my icon file ...1px border change, 32x32 and 48x48 more rounded at 10x zoom might be more noticeable on Vista Explorer, who knows? anyway, please use this one instead! DL link 1 DL link 2 DL link 3
  5. the size increase is due to the 48x48 image ... but it's a must have, for all people who use "Tiles" icon displaying (Windows XP default) edit: 48x48 image also used in "Thumbnails" view
  6. here it is! download link mirror 1 mirror 2
  7. First, hello everybody! I'm working on lifted icons, give me just little more time