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  1. thelittlefire: Then isn't "queue.dont_count_slow_ul" somewhat useless? The way I see it, I should be able to set up ten DLs, go to work, and not come home to see that it's only downloaded three and then just sat there waiting for those three to find peers -- but if it *does* find peers, it should upload, and not screw up my ratios by insisting on downloading all ten first.
  2. Maybe a pictoral example will help. Here's a sketch-up of what my status table looks like right now: Name # Size Done Status Seeds Peers Down Speed Up Speed ETA File1 * 257MB 100% Seeding 0(50) 0(0) (inf) File2 * 329MB 100% Seeding 0(17) 0(0) (inf) File3 * 286MB 100% Seeding 0(12) 0(0) (inf) File4 * 312MB 100% Seeding 0(10) 2(1) 29.4kB/s 5h 6m File5 1 614MB 86% Queued 0(2) 0(4) File6 2 700MB 29% Queued 0(3) 0(5) ... If I have queue.dont_count_slow_dl set true, queue.dont_count_slow_ul set true, queue.slow_dl_threshold and queue.slow_ul_threshold at 1000, shouldn't it be trying to download those two queued files if I have max number of active torrents set to 3? I have "Seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks" checked, because otherwise it appears to want to download all of the queued files before it starts seeding any of them. This is behavior I saw in previous versions as well; it just doesn't make sense that seeds that are not uploading will still block potential downloads from starting.
  3. Firon: And 0 is less than 1000, correct? So it *should* not count the three that are at 0kbps or the one that is at 0.5kbps?
  4. queue.dont_count_slow_dl and queue.dont_count_slow_ul are already both true. both thresholds are already at 1000. I have five torrents marked as Seeding, max 3 active torrents. But even though only one of the seeds is uploading, no downloads are starting.
  5. Sort by ETA seems "wrong" to me now. ETA sort (in order of "closest to finishing goes first") used to put all Queued or Stopped torrents *after* the active ones, now it puts them before. Shouldn't torrents that are not active go last, behind the "infinity" torrents, since they're technically "more than infinity"? (I.e., the "infinity" torrents might finish if a seed shows up, but the others will never finish until explicitly turned on.) Also, if I have torrents seeding and files also queued to download (i.e., I am using "Seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks") and some of the seeding tasks are not uploading (no peers), then shouldn't it start some downloads? Right now it looks like it will never start downloads (with the above setting) if there are any seeds at all. turning off "seeding tasks have higher priority" is not the right answer, since then it appears to not do any seeding until all of the downloads are done!