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  1. @Alpha-Toxic: the uncompressed version comes out clean... That's correct, and when I installed it and checked the installed utorrent.exe-file in the programmsdirectory the virusscanners gave me such mentions. @Ryan Norton I'm not a expert with pc's but these mentions don't come out of the sky and mostly means that the file is infected with something not good for the users. That's why I'm repeat my question: is there a possibility that utorrent becomes clean before and after installing? The earlier versions had also other virus/suspicious mentions in the virusscanners...I checked the older versions as well today to check for this virus/suspicious mentions. (You can check it also.) Thanks again for your efforts.
  2. Thanks. I got all uTorrent from your original website...so it should be a good version. Also found this "suspicious" behavior in other files like when I downloaded Total Commander--> there where 4 links...the 4th one was a clean one without "suspicious". The other ones had all "suspicious" in the same file. That's why I asking for a clean one without these "suspicious" lines after checking. It is possible with enough effort. Again: thanks in advange.
  3. Everytime when I scan utorrent.exe (NOT the installfile) on www.virustotal.com it finds virusses. This is also in the new utorrentfile...see list below: eSafe 2007.07.22 suspicious Trojan/Worm Panda 2007.07.22 Suspicious file Webwasher-Gateway 6.0.1 2007.07.22 Win32.ModifiedUPX.gen!84 (suspicious) File utorrent.exe received on 07.22.2007 23:21:08 (CET) Current status: finished Is it possible to bring a utorrent.exe WITHOUT virusses etc? I mean a CLEAN one? Thanks in advange.
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