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  1. When I try to check for updates it gives me an error message: Update Error - an error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later. I'm a beta tester and have never had this issue before. Must be a server issue?
  2. Which part..? the Add new torrent window is not showing up.
  3. Same problem here! Same here' date=' it's funny, because I mentioned about this to Firon in the '1.5 alpha', and he told me he won't look at my complaint as it wasn't a public release.. I guess it's time to complain now, naah, just kidding! Great work! Here's my workaround, which I feel is quite good: - automatically load .torrent files from my Download folder, then delete them. - don't autostart torrent - I just go to newly added torrent, choose which files to download + set download location - start the torrent Keep up the great work, cheers Seb[/quote'] Your workaround does not work for me.