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  1. Just relax and wait a bit Maybe on vacation?..
  2. And one more bug, it has been bothering me for a long time... (maybe I've already posted it - don't remember). STR: 1. right mouse button on some tracker. 2. click to "update tracker" 3. expected: get "Tracker" tab w/o any menus. 3. actual: get tabs menu.
  3. Bug with focus. I'm trying to rename a row in table with dynamic sorting (Last active). So, during renaming rows can change their position. But at the time I finish renaming - I will rename row at initially selected position, but not initially selected row. Actually here are more bugs with the same root - no sense to describe them all, they should disappear after fixing this one.
  4. rafi: Yeah, seems you are right P.S. as about second issue - check screenshot in separate browser tab, as forum cuts its width.
  5. Thanks. Are there any specific situations you notice this happening? I've just switched from 3.0 to 3.1 (25788) and I have the same issue: And also, issue #2: it shows tracker status like "updating..." or just empty, but all of them are working and it is showing correctly in 3.0.
  6. Here is one more possible bug with changing location of downloaded files. Example: I'm downloading directory aaa with two files: file1 and file2. If I choose target dir C:\download then it will be C:\download\aaa\ I'm changing it to C:\download (so I want to get C:\download\file1 and C:\download\file2). Start download, it is finished. Everything is OK on this stage. Then stop, physically move file1 and file2 into C:\download\old\, LMB->Advanced->Set Download Location... and choosing dir C:\download\old\, start. Voila, it can not find files on HDD. I think that it still looks into C:\download\ instead of C:\download\old\. Workaround: open Files tab, LMB on file1 -> the last item in menu (should be something like "change location" or "re-locate"), explicitly choose C:\download\old\ directory. Repeat the same for file2. Hope this was clear enough. If no - let me know.
  7. I don't know. Will check if it is actual with latest build. Thanks anyway.
  8. Please add bug with NOD32 to your schedule list, at least I have been waiting for it for 4 months
  9. AdamK, just put this bug into your TODO list and confirm that it is scheduled for fixing. Thanks!
  10. bigfalls, thank you for your feedback from another side (uTorrent team) I (and I think that all other users/testers as well) glad to use this product and to help you to make it better. We really appreciate your work and your product - uTorrent. Thank you.
  11. I keep all uTorrent related data in one directory and do backup regularly (you can add it into task manager). Simple bat file: c:\progra~1\winrar\rar.exe a -ag_YYYY.MM.DD_HH.MM.SS -r utorrent utorrent In the same folder with bat file I have my utorrent folder (with all stuff) and as the result I get utorrent_2011.05.08_11.45.53.rar file.
  12. Where can I post my bugreport to be sure that it won't be forgotten/missed? I'm still at 24710 build because of that... :/ Thanks.
  13. Updated to 25220, this bug (with amount of opened descriptors?) is still there... reverted back to 24710.