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  1. Well thats because you have a slow dl, because the more higher the speed the more cpu usage you have No, I reverted back to 24120 build, at this moment my speed as usually is about 320 kbyte/s, CPU usage 5%-20%, not more.
  2. not always all, but as I said, up to 80%. In this case the rest of CPU time was used with other apps, so totally CPU usage was 100%. hasn't anybody faced with this problem???
  3. Now I have 95 torrents summary. Up to 6-7 active, but usually less. Mainly there is one or to downloaded and the rest are uploaded. Today I downloaded 1 torrent, speed ~200-300 KByte. CPU usage was enormous - 80%!!! It's terrible. I was forced to go back to old build 24120, CPU usage now is 6-10%. I'll recall, I use WinXP SP3 updated. ps - DPCs process in Process Explorer usually loads not much, now for example 1-5%. Interrups process uses still less.
  4. Hello 2 all. Excuse me if that problem has already been discussed, but utorrent 3 alpha versions above build 24120 use my CPU very intensively. Before utorrent used up to 10%, not more. But now it uses 30-60% and even more (my computer is too old, CPU - athlon 1.8 GHz). and similar problem (but with all utorrent alpha versions) - i can't use any application because of the same reason. When I install any app, the cpu usage is up to 80%. thanks for help.
  5. the same problem. 10 kb/s instead 350 Kb. returned back to version 24120.