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  1. No, the problem still eather ut is minimized or not. And with 1.7.4 i didn`t have speed issues. Only when i changed to 1.7.5. And it appears to be ISPtraffic shapping. Because i have Neomule and no speed issues. So, somehow my ISP managed to get through utorrent protocol encryptation and that`s to baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad ;_;
  2. ok , sry And of course it will solve those ISP problems, because u guys are always one foot ahead of this crap ISP suckers :|
  3. Hey, i`m having some troubles with my ISP. They have always made Traffic Shapping but utorrent could always solve this problem and the speed wasn`t a problem till now. Since yesterday with the new utorrent 1.7.5 i`m starting to having problems with the speeds... I even managed to get the previous version and still the speed problem What can i do more? Plz, i`m like sh*t now. ;_;
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