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  1. Where to download 26994? The link is still 26837.
  2. Can not remember to add a task window for the screen of the X-axis and Y axis, each return to a specific location, but after 3.1, the window size can remember. This is also an old problem.
  3. When I uninstall µTorrent, even though didn't choose "Remove Settings", but it still delete all files in "C:\Documents and Settings\??????????\Application Data\uTorrent" I reported many times, why still no fix?
  4. 26616 still can't "Quit when Everything Completes" and when I install 26616, I found I lost my torrent, all! :mad:
  5. 26595 can't "Quit when Everything Completes"
  6. Can not remember the window size, and expand later, add another task, they are still small.
  7. I did not set the boss key, can only restart the computer.
  8. I may find a bug, sometimes the icon in the taskbar will suddenly disappear, and the process still exists.