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  1. Hello, I want to report a disk overloaded 100% issue in 3.1.3 version. Here are reproduction steps: 1. Open some multifile torrent with large files (I used 19x700 MB TV-series torrent). 2. Select only one file for download. 3. Observe "Disk overloaded 100%" message short time after download start. Disk write graph: Process Monitor log sample during disk overload phase: Process Monitor file summary for entire download session: Note large number of IO operations and bytes written to part file. Probably different problem: number of bytes written into downloaded video file is twice the file size. Downloaded file sizes:
  2. Are magnet links broken in 1.8.3? I can't download anything via magnet link. 1.8.1 works ok.
  3. Minidump for hung uTorrent: Debugger screenshot: Addresses 4048f3-404919 is the loop that is executing indefinitely.
  4. Today my uTorrent hung with one thread using 100% CPU. I connected debugger and saved a minidump: I also have a large dump (.dump /ma). Let me know if it is needed.
  5. When uploading TV series and new episode comes out there is a practice to add this new episode at the end of the torrent and replace old torrent with new one. This way people can download just the new episode and still seed all the other episodes. New behavior of the torrent generator reorders files by their size and thus breaks this practice. Please make it optional.
  6. Upload speed is lower with new version. Speed graph for 1.8 Speed graph for 1.9 Log files
  7. Some minor problems: 1. 'Pre-allocate all files' is not working with magnet link torrents. 2. Put something into 'Web Seeds' field. Then delete it. uTorrent will log 'HTTP invalid URL:' message every time it is started.
  8. This problem is still present. I have program settings stored along with executable. .torrent files downloaded via magnet links are also stored there instead of directory specified in Preferences.
  9. When downloading a magnet link .torrent file is saved into settings directory and not a directory specified in Preferences (Store .torrents in:)
  10. This new beta won't download magnet links. Same links are normally downloaded using release version.
  11. Not working for me. Subdirectory is created when downloading torrent file as usual but not when downloading via magnet link. Similar problem with single file torrents - downloaded file is named incorrectly.
  12. Is it possible to disable this feature? Advanced option maybe?
  13. Is "number of upload slots" setting working properly in build 459? I noticed that actual number of peers with "U" flag are always less by one than number of upload slots set in options.
  14. boo, stable 1.2.2 shows empty name for this client, but 1.2.3 beta displays garbage
  15. This beta shows garbage instead of some client names (Peers tab - Client column)