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  1. Just to add my 2 cents. I "upgraded" from the last 2.x release (i forget the exact version), which had up times more than 6 months on my XP machine and now with 3.1.2 I come home every day to a hung utorrent. Some times I catch it before it crashes and it is very sluggish, taking 30 seconds or more to get to the file dialogue and close it. The maximum my connection can do is 600 kb/sec and I only have 3 active downloads at a time. It used to do that all day long without problems in the previous version of utorrent. I've tried the few disk cache adjustments mentioned on this forum but they haven't made any difference. I do have it set to move files to an external drive when a torrent finishes, those moves seem to complete without pegging the CPU so I'm not sure exactly what's going wrong.