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    BEncode Editor

    BEncode Editor is written in AutoIt3, it is not Java... And in certain cases AutoIt can much slower than C++, in fact, I can hardly think of cases where AutoIt could be faster than C++. Optimizing the code may not be possible or can be more complicated than rewriting entire program in C++. Also... I think some people didn't get one of the main reasons of this rewriting in C++
  2. Shinobi, you're using build 2407+? Edit: build 2448 crashed while limiting speed just like 2407 did (PECompact compressed this time)
  3. I don't see any problems with speed limiting on b2407: But I see another problem. Beta (uncompressed exe) crashed twice when trying to set download limit to 500kB/s and I had no crashes since build 402.
  4. And the reason NOT to have XP UPnP fallback is...? Yeah, none.
  7. New beta with DHT "improvements" keeps announcing via DHT every few seconds. It says "Announcing...", gets few peers, changes to "Announce in 0 minutes" and announces again, over and over... Or maybe "better DHT ping for BT node discovery" made DHT so awesome that devs decided to announce nonstop? And yes, DHT is really announcing, not just an inteface bug or smth, way too many UDP packets here.
  8. IMO the most practical solution would be to have good settings...
  9. Ctrl+P > Queueing > Limit upload rate... set that to 0 or don't use force start
  10. avyrez, you can also try uncompressed or upx compressed version
  11. - Fix: uTorrent client names of later versions are now displayed properly in the peers tab It doesn't seem so. If µTorrent connects to certain peers using v1.6 it shows them as "µTorrent 1.5" If I use peerid of one of those peers in my script and connect to µTorrent, it shows the same peerid as "µTorrent/" logger tab: I was too lazy to get other peerids and I don't think they're important. Edit: Also, Bits on Wheels uses stupid peerid and µTorrent parses it wrong. Old BitComet's peerid (exbc...) is parsed as BitComet/00xx, new one (-BC/xxxx-...) is parsed as BitComet/0.0.x.x. IMO there should be one way to write all client versions, not three... BitLord's peerid (exbc..LORD...) could be parsed as BitLord, but who cares
  12. Are there any reasons not to use default WinXP UPnP on XP (and vista?) machines and only use µTorrent's UPnP if default one fails? Or use WinXP UPnP on XP if µTorrent's one fails.
  13. This feature is extremely helpful with single-file torrents...
  14. Click "Select All", next time it should be normal. It seems that now µTorrent remembers if you clicked "Select None" before and shows new add dialog with no files selected. I hope this will be fixed