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  1. After working fine for a few weeks, the server suddenly stops after a short time (5-60 minutes) with "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" (XUbuntu 12.04/64b) This may be a pointer fault, and have something to do with a specific torrent. Still working on what really happens.
  2. New Utorrent server 64 works very good on my XUbuntu 12.04 system (64b). My only problem so far is the web GUI not working in Opera browser (loading screen, never getting to the page) and is not very good in IE/Firefox either. There are nice new functions, but not as simple as it was to fast get a view on what is happening. I like to sort torrents on "Done" tab (100% on top) to easier get a view on statuses are, but new GUI do not remember this like old did. But using old "" makes it look exactly as earlier, i stick with it until next update. And to all developers, thanks for a updated 64 bit version Please only program when it's raining this summer !
  3. I run my uTorrent server on Ubuntu 11.04 because of Unity. I am considering XUbuntu 12.04 (64) now because of a light GUI (headless server anyway) and the requirement of the latest uTorrent server . Anyone with experience on XUbuntu with latest uTorrent server ?
  4. Here is what i did: Note: You need to replace "yourusername" with username in your Linux, also folder ".utorrent" you may choose different 1: Copy the extracted files into ./home/yourusername/.utorrent 2:Create an upstart script config: sudo nano /etc/init/utorrent.conf 3:Insert: description "utorrent startup script" author "Alanw" start on (local-filesystems and started dbus and stopped udevtrigger) stop on runlevel [016] script cd /home/yourusername/.utorrent exec su yourusername -c "/home/yourusername/.utorrent/utserver" end script 4: Last step is to finalize the upstart script: sudo ln -s /lib/init/upstart-job /etc/init.d/utorrent From this moment you can run utorrent-server as a daemon by sudo start utorrent or stop it with sudo stop utorrent And with next reboot you will have it automatocly started. I hope it will works well for you too
  5. I would think I (and many) never got the problem skyy99 have since utorrent server runs 24/7 on our servers ? I have tried to twist my brain to think anything that could be a nice feature and I only came up with two things : 1: Using scheduler : It would have been nice to be able to right-click on a (urgent) torrent and select to bypass the scheduler. (as Force-start most often do not start it and if it does, only on slow speed) 2: RRS Download notify. Hopefully sometimes in the future And many thanks for a great Linux torrent server ! Best regards Morten
  6. Now I got confused too, 13/09/2011 build ? Since build number is the same as March update and date on files inside archive also have the same date, the date on download page must be wrong. Shad0w: Maybe a stupid question, but I assume you have selected "All" on left menu ?
  7. On uTorrent 3.0 b25053 everything works perfect. I am only able to find one insignificant bug: When a torrent is finish and moved to output folder, the folder used when downloading remains empty in "new download" folder. NOT a problem at all !! I also have a suggestion: Sometimes I choose to download only some of the files in a torrent. When they are ready everything is moved to output folder and torrent get state a green "Finish" status in list. What then could happen is that I forget that some files are not downloaded and just delete the torrent from list. Maybe there could be possible to add a symbol/colour on a torrent if one or more files is set to "skip" ?
  8. Dear all Linux uTorrent-server users To everyone using Ubuntu 10.10 and uTorrent-server on a headless computer used as server/NAS I suggest NOT to go for Ubuntu 11.04 at this times. 11.04 uses more CPU resources and more SRAM without giving anything back as server/NAS. I have heard that the CPU usage should be fixed in a future Linux core so at least wait until that is fixed. If you use uTorrent-server on the computer you normally use you may forget about this and go ahead to 11.04
  9. I think the only lead to version you have is the date of the program file. But do you need this ? Don't we all want just the latest version ? To upgrade I just stopped and killed the old program and then copy the new version over the old one. When running new program it will read the old config and torrents that was in folder folder and everything should work.
  10. Since I have the Linux version and only have the web gui I guess I do not have this menu ? I can not find it..
  11. Thanks a lot, by pressing "ctrl + a" first to select all files this works close to what I was looking for.
  12. Tested build 25053 some time now an it works perfect so far, my "Coast to coast am" torrent goes perfectly into folders as they should. Many thanks for update "Firon" and team I hear talk about program with gui, but I really do not see the importance of that. Most people will run uTorrent server on a headless Linux computer anyway (advanced NAS replacement) and web gui is more practical anyway. I would think to get Utorrent present in Ubuntu software center or at least in "Package manager" would be more of a upgrade. What could be nice is a button in web gui that stops all torrents (press before gaming) and a resume button to start only the torrent that was active (after gaming). Also some info when selecting a torrent that can tell something about share status on the part of torrent I do not have would be fine (if it is not already ?) But these issues are just luxury since the program works so perfect now !
  13. Is there any news on when the next Linux version is available ?
  14. Well, I am Norwegian and that do not help on my English either
  15. I would think this is a variant of the same problem as I have described above. Move torrents that are not finish back to input folder and force a re-check. There is a good chance for a bugfix on monday !