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  1. The main problem is what GCRaisln reported - allthough torrents where in finished state now they are in "error: torrent files missing from job. please recheck." so if i download 10 tv shows a day (i delete files after watching, but i stop torrent after seeding it at least to ratio 2:1) and i want to keep my history but red torrent lines with warnings isn't what i imagine of keeping the history clean and simple.
  2. Still taking up to 100% of cpu. Deleted everything in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent and now processor load is gone. 2% is max. Had about 210 torrent files in that directory. Here is rared directory
  3. Acer aspire 9420, Windows 7 enterprise x32, utorrent takes up 60-100% of cpu and it's impossible to use. Installed it, and after first launch it became like that. I have total 181 torrents in list, 1 active. i used utorrent-3.0-beta-20759.upx. with 2.0.3 everything is working fine Here's dump file created from task manager