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  1. i replaced that version with a WORKING one since 3.0 freezes pc`s but i`ll remember this for next time
  2. updated to this today then my PC stopped working, it`s bugged also i dont see the "upload speed" column
  3. if i put a torrent in ut 2.2.1 and SKIP ALL FILES then if i change my mind and wanna download a file and right click it i dont have the option to download i only see the option to DON`T DOWNLOAD for a file which is marked as skipped i only have the option to don`t download instead of download P.S. i see when choosing priority to normal it works but this is still not the best way i think Priority should determine which file to be downloaded first not which file to download or not I should be able to right click a file and choose DOWNLOAD or SKIP (DON`T DOWNLOAD) :-)
  4. 2.2.1 has an ISSUE: if you download a torrent with multiple files and you choose not to download any then you want to download one file and you press FILES then right click the file you wanna download you only get the option: DON`t DOWNLOAD :/