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  1. @Eru: Thanks! I see the "300B (25376)" now I'm used to looking for the version format like "v3.0b.25376" Mit: Sorry, what do you mean by F2?
  2. Hi moogly, Thanks for that, I'll request it. My initial question was more along the line of "Is it possible to somehow check that via the CLI?" I installed the server some time ago and couldn't seem to find it via a command like ./utserver --version
  3. Hi there, This might sound silly, but how do I check what version I'm running? I'm trying to download from private trackers but it's not on the "allowed clients" list.
  4. Yep you're right, just tested it on Chrome and it's also broken. Double clicking works fine so I've got nothing else to report for now Thanks for that!
  5. haha nice, I like that Blizzard mentality. Any idea on the JS error on Firefox? I'm happy to give more information if it's needed (whatever it may be)
  6. Hi there, Saw "alpha" build and didn't expect much from the release. Boy was I wrong! The amount of work put into this is mind blowing. I'm truly impressed. The ONLY problems that I've found wrong with it are below (I haven't read the thread so sorry if it's been mentioned before) - "Files" tab for torrent details not updating percentage as it downloads refreshing the page works - Selecting file priority (not torrent) in "Files" tab gives this error: (only breaks on Firefox 4, but works on Opera/IE6)