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  1. New builds keep coming but always the same highly annoying bug, i.e. unable to select files in a torrent to assign them priorities/don't download. The selection goes away after a few ms, and the right-click menu becomes therefore ineffective. Please provide a workaround, a shortcut, or some other usable means to assign priorities to files, or consider disabling the whole feature if that's not possible/desired.
  2. No problem of stability or excessive ram usage here (fresh install, left it run overnight) but a very annoying GUI bug prevents keeping files (= as listed in a torrent) selected long enough to allow assigning them priorities, 'dont' download' and so. As soon as you click it, the file deselects itself after a few ms to one second. Does not happen for all downloading torrents, though. µT 3.0x64 b24767, w7x64sp1