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  1. Antivirus not rename updates after download D:\uTorrent\VirusGuard\avxdisk.dll D:\uTorrent\VirusGuard\avxdisk.dll.upd VirusGuard.exe used avxdisk.dll if manual rename file avxdisk.dll.upd to avxdisk.dll VirusGuard.exe start using avxdisk.dll same problem with files in \plugins folder uTorrentPlus 25788
  2. Bug 1 up to 8gb memory using by system cache on re-check large torrent >30gb Bug 2 program crash if click on any device on devices tab Bug 3 if torrent settings.dat file found in directory of executable antivirus not working because VirusGuard installing in appdata not in the torrent folder Bug 4 "transcoder error: TranscodeController port is not set" spam in log
  3. I copy folders Transcode;VirusGuard;apps from C:\Users\ \AppData\Roaming\uTorrent to D:\uTorrent my utorrent folder with exe and settings.dat antvirus start updating
  4. Email auto filled by url may be ip filter my ISP Beeline (Russian) dynamic ip adress P.S. crash on exit dump auto sending not work report http error P.P.S if click antivirus or update av bases [2011-10-01 01:23:37] transcoder error: TranscodeController port is not set message every 2 seconds antivirus not working
  5. was a same problem but i download Tor Browser Portable and sing in with him
  6. rehashing 31gb torrent µTorrent 3.0 64-bit 25570 windows cache set disabled in µTorrent
  7. When rehash 27gb torrent all 8gb memory used by cache windows caching in utorrent disabled by checkboxes
  8. Недавно заметил тоже самое но выделение пропадает только с некоторых файлов в активных торрентах это легко заметить выделяя файлы шифтом похоже выделение снимается с файлов которые заняты торрентом например читаются или пишутся Recently noticed the same thing but the selection disappears with only some files in the active torrents it is easy to spot highlighting files by Shift seems the selection is removed from the files that are busy uTorrent eg read or written
  9. Вроде всё впорядке с русиком в торренте или ты не о нём ? З.Ы. мне кажется или тут половина Русских ?
  10. uTorrent 25277 unstable - it is periodically Hang - System - Provider [ Name] Application Hang - EventID 1002 [ Qualifiers] 0 Level 2 Task 101 Keywords 0x80000000000000 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2011-05-12T12:37:34.000000000Z EventRecordID 31346 Channel Application Computer DeusExMachina Security - EventData utorrent.exe 26cc 01cc109e10dd4cd8 7 D:\uTorrent\utorrent.exe 9511abd1-7c94-11e0-bea1-20cf301b92e2 430072006F00730073002D0074006800720065006100640000000000
  11. Okay' date=' usually I'm pretty good at these, but can someone translate this for me?[/quote'] I think he said that he launched µTorrent and it said "Error: files missing". He did a re-check and the torrent magically went back to 100% completion. Yes when i launched µTorrent he start adding torrents some torrents added with status "Error: files missing" when i re-check torrents status changed to finished sorry for bad english
  12. Yes' date=' it is normal, and very good new function. I like it![/quote'] It is normal that the uTorrent when launched and adding some torrents wrote error missing files if rehash torrent wrote 100% completed ?
  13. It is normal that the uTorrent launched with 5 torrents and add torrents one by one until all 400 will be added ?
  14. How to change utorrent process io priority without using other programs like "Proccess Hacker" ?
  15. found bug this happens if select torrent and mouse pointer on the selected torrent p.s new build is good 12 hours without crash