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  1. <I>There is honestly no reason for it even to support 64-bit architecture since (I pray) µTorrent won't ever need to use over 4gb of ram on its own</I> Allow me to disagree - when DLing 10-15 and ULing 300+ torrents, 12 Gb RAM and 64bit utorrent are both invaluable assets . And my Caviar black's are silent, cool and happy, too. Congrats for utorrent team, wich gave us superb UI, low CPU usage, acceptable stability and all these for free. I'd buy the Plus version but I live in a country where one needs a special internet card to buy something overseas
  2. Super fiber speed in russian speaking countries
  3. If uTorrent 3.0 UI is hideous for you, I expect you throwing up when using Vuze or Bitcomet (which by the way isn't fair at all). Looks a little bloated for a utorrent release, yes, but it's nice and adjustable.